Tamara Spiritual Center began as The Church of Tamara, first in a vision in 1962, to two people in the midwest, Ralph and Johnnie Curry. They were told to come to the southwest and start a church. It took ten years but by 1972 the Currys had moved to Tucson, Arizona, and were holding services in homes. In 1973, the building we are now in was purchased.

THE HISTORY OF TAMARA by Rev. Johnnie Curry Founder, Church of Tamara dba Tamara Spiritual Center

Revs. Ralph & Johnnie CurryOnce upon a time there was a group of Spirit people who committed themselves to return to Earth to build and maintain a wholistic Healing Church to fulfill a Karmatic plan. This took (we are told) well over 100 years. We started in 1971 doing this. At that time we didn't have our own charter (we didn't know very much about church business) and so after trying two churches here we knew something was wrong. (Not the churches, but us) We had been very lucky (as planned) to have some very beautiful teachers both human and spirit back in Ohio and Chesterfield, IN. Those teachers taught love, peace, joy, compassion, the attributes God taught through his son Jesus for us to live by. He taught there is none other but God.Many years (1962) ago we were told through a medium in Camp Chesterfield that we would have a church in Texas, Arizona, or New Mexico. At that time they all sounded like foreign countries to me, but they said it would be better in Arizona. It was decided by doctors that Ralph would do better in Arizona so Arizona it was.

In '71 as I said before, we started out in a little garage owned by Margaret Welsh (now deceased). We helped her fix it up and it looked like a small church. We had to use three different hymnals, a little organ that wheezed when it played, but that didn't dampen our spirits. As Kathy reminded me Friday guess the neighbors got tired of our singing, as we had to leave there. We also didn't know about the City and all the rules and regulations (we found out in a hurry).

From there we went under someone else's charter to a store on Grant. I'll just skip over that phase. All we wanted was to let others know what we had learned and that was the love and peace one can have from serving God through His children.

By this time it was '72 and we began to realize what had to be done if we wanted to have a place where we could teach according to the dictate of our hearts, and the truth our spirit teachers brought. So began the liaison between the City, State and Federal governments. After many tears from me, a few chosen words from Ralph in May of '73 we received our charter and found a place on Speedway where your new PO is now. We stayed there until Palm Sunday of 1976. It was a miracle in itself that we kept the people together. Surely God did want this church to come about. In April of '77 we found this place, a one-room building: "Toot & Moo."

Dr. Edwards told us the direction but never the place until you make up your own mind. One day we were out looking and Ralph stopped the car and said, "that's it." I was dumbfounded. I looked up and the big sign said, "Toot & Moo." My heart sank because in my wildest imagination I could not picture a church, but Ralph could.

We went to see a friend of ours who was a realtor and set the wheels in motion after some of the people came to see it.

July 7, 1977 we signed the papers and we dedicated this Church. We only had the meditation room then the rest was underway, as a Wholistic Healing Church Oct. 16th 1977.

On the morning of the dedication, Sonny Curry & David LeBaron came in with canes. The room was lovely and we had people here from all over. Everything was in a dither (me especially). Nothing was going right and on top of everything else the fuses went out. No one had ever seen such fuses before, but Jacque Beatty jumped in her car and came back with some. That was all behind the scenes so to speak, 10 o'clock no lights, no music, but at 10:30 everyone and everything in place cool as a cucumber. Without the downs, how could we enjoy the ups. That day was perfect, at noon we ate in the sanctuary, no roof but the walls were up.

In 1962 we were told about the wholistic healing church, we were told to spell ours with the "W" because that encompassed the whole person.

In December 1977 the formal opening of our sanctuary was held and everything was going fine, Ralph decided to leave (passed on) and I thought the bottom had dropped out; but with family and friends we carried on. And most of you know the rest. All the rest who helped with their time spent, gifts and money we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

As some of you know we were also told we would have a healing center, to keep in mind to spell it with the "W". As one becomes whole they begin to perfect the mind and soul, to align with the Spirit which is perfect, because that is the part of God we have within us. As the Master Jesus said, be ye therefore perfect as the Father is perfect. We are always in a state of becoming - everyday of our lives we are becoming something - angry, sad, happy - joyful, peaceful, etc. You have heard the old statement, "the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak." The lower is always in conflict with the higher. Ralph and I wanted a place where we could practice healing as we saw fit. A place for people to come for a quiet time, with soft lights and soothing music, or the loving touch of our many healers (which we didn't have then). We didn't do as we saw in other churches. We had never heard of a healing meditation in any spiritualist church. But Spirit said go with it. I believe they just let us believe it was our idea. You know that routine, someone plants a seed and you come up with what you think is your idea. We did our healing this way for awhile, then one day in Dr. Edwards healing class he told us to use three people, as batteries or to form a triangle, it was the method used ages ago by healers of the temples, nothing new, just revealed again. Heard a lot of remarks both pro and con about this but as always we went about our business serving God and man not caring about what others would say. Now all you hear are healing tapes.

Just like the crystals, when we were told to start the full moon healing - we hadn't heard anything about crystals, then everybody and their brother were experts. We were told to get this crystal that I had for 20 years and put it on the table to draw energy. You know the rest. Healing stones are given certain properties that aid us at certain given times, but we don't live by them.

We knew practically nothing about Healing Masters. From 58-70 we were just getting used to having Spirit Teachers give us messages, lectures and so forth, but then when we open our minds to the spirit world all these things follow in an unlikely manner if we wait upon "The Lord". God knows when we are ready for each phase of our life and acts accordingly if we listen. You have to crawl before you walk if you want a good foundation. We were not prepared before 1983 for this great influx of energy of vibrations that goes with using these Healing Rays. Once we were familiarized with them we again realized it as nothing new but again brought to light.

Our only motive and purpose was to be of service to people and help them to find balance in their lives. It is not hard to see that we were not alone - look at the people here now that have found their way here ready to give of themselves for the well being of their fellow man. Where did it all come from? Why are we here? Most of us were born somewhere else; it is mind boggling if you stop and think of all the circumstances that brought us here. Sometimes I stand back and take a look and it never ceases to amaze me at these beautiful souls of light who have gathered here to help the people of earth and the planet itself to become balanced in mind, soul and spirit.

When I see the healing class fill up with these people I get all bubbly inside and I thank God that He allowed us to have this place. Though small in size the love (which is healing in it's highest estate) is projected into eternity.

Although Ralph and I were the instruments used here in Tucson to set this Foundation and Church in motion we have never been egotistical enough to believe we could go it alone. We may have done the footwork and some material things, you the people and those before you are what make it work.

If we had been told the trials and errors that were ahead I would still be running. I know beyond the shadow of a doubt that this healing center and church is a cause and effect situation or karma. I'm sticking this time like fly paper for this cause, or until God says, enough kid come on home. I say this in a flippant manner but we live in a human world even though we now and again catch a glimpse of the real one. We aren't there yet and laughter is the best medicine on the market. If you ever decide to go into business with God don't lose your sense of humor. Everyone deserves a good cry every six months to a year. But we need joy and laughter at all times. I want to thank you for who you are and what you do. I thank God each day for you. You as a group and individuals make my life here a blessing.

Let's keep this place of healing and this Church going on and on to better things. God Bless You for the love you have for your God, your brothers and sisters, your angel friends, and master healers gathered here now. Keep your feet on the ground, your head in the clouds and hitch your wagon to a star. Make our earth the heaven we pray for each time we repeat the prayer the Christ left for us.

It is what we learn after we think we know it all that counts.

Thank You,

Rev. Johnnie Curry