Head Pastor Onae looking at camera with hand on her chin.

Head Pastor Onae

Church of tamara

Tamara Spiritual Center

3002 E Fort Lowell Rd, Tucson, AZ 85716



Creative Expressions Class, August 24th, Canceled due to lack of RSVPs

Board meeting September 1st Wednesday evening at 6:30pm

Minister Meeting September 5th at 12:30pm

**Check out our new classes on the calendar! Tarot Class with Ku Istan, Exploring Past Lives with Shelly, and Intro to Paranormal Investigations! **

**Second Saturday Psychic Fair September 11th!**

Come Join Us!

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What Do We Stand For?

Church of Tamara is a non-denominational Center based on Spiritualist principles. We are open to any and all people who base their spiritual beliefs on unconditional Love and Light.

Church of Tamara, was founded in 1971 and incorporated in 1972. For nearly 50 years the Foundation has made sure there was a place in Tucson for people to learn, share, and worship the Creator regardless of what name you may give that Creator. We believe in the freedom of religion, and that the ultimate aim of religion should be the desire to lead each individual into a personal, spiritual experience with God.

Picture of a tapestry hung in the Church of Tamara. Beautiful woman with arms stretched out, angel wings fully open behind her. She has long beautiful golden hair and robes that drape down.